10 Most Interesting Skull Chairs On The Internet

10 Most Interesting Skull Chairs On The Internet

1. Gold Skull Chair

This is the Gold Skull Armchair designed and sold by Harow. It has an internal steel frame, reinforced fiberglass exterior covered in 24k gold, and a black velvet seat. Man, I can't even think about sitting in this chair… It is truly awesome if you have extra $500.000 on hand :D

2. Skull Chair by Vladi Rapaport

The skull chair was created by Vladi Rapaport, as part of his 'Vanitas' series, a collection of products inspired by the Dutch vanitas still-life paintings. With this amazing Skull Chair he was Skull of The Year 2011 winner. How bad would you like to be the owner of one of these? 

Wooden Skull Chair

3. New Office Chair?

We can talk all day about skulls and fashion; but what about our homes, our offices? Skulls can create a focal point in your home with the intriguing and surreal results. While it might seem creepy or evil; skull home decor has an edge as compared to our regular traditional options. It's different and unique, like this beauty over here:

Skull Chair

4. Skull chair with movable jaw

The cool Giant Skull Chair with Movable Jaw combines the comfortable functionality of a chair with the uncomfortable terror of a massive human skull. When not in use, it's a creepy decorative piece and when you need to sit, just lift it open at the jaw's hinge and plop down in its gaping mouth.

Comfy Skull Chair

5. Wooden Queen Chair

Human sculpting art is getting peak value fame and human visual art is also going parallel to it. Amazing details with exceptional craftsmanship takes this wooden queen another level. So, how about this wooden queen?

Wooden Skull Chair

6. DIY Pallet Chairs

Pallet chairs and benches are made from recycled wooden pallets and are DIY projects. It is the best way to save your money and make your own furniture with free, repurposed pallets that looks fantastic and it´s uniquely yours. Real piece of art!

Wooden Skull Chair

7. Gothic Chairs #1

Skulls have been used as art and decoration for centuries, but have gained immense popularity only recently. At nearly any store today we can find items embellished with skulls. Having one of these skull chairs would be a creative and interesting way to add an edge to living room of all skull lovers.

Wooden Skull ChairSkull Chair leather

8. Gothic Chairs #2

Gothic furniture is primarily dark in color and was originally used to compliment the dull palette of the era. It is characterized by "extreme uniqueness" through intricate and elaborate designs. Take a moment...have a seat my lady.

Gothic Skull ChairSkull ChairSkull Chair

9. Wooden sculptured chair by Richard Riley

This uniquely designed chair radiates with the feel of a great adventure film! The foam carved skull throne was created as a functional art piece, sculpted by artist Richard Riley. The custom foam chair was made by hand and coated with fiberglass for a hard and durable surface. The sculpture is then carefully textured and painted with a unique aged finish to create the appearance of ancient carved stone. For $899.99 it´s all yours.

Skull Chair

10. Modern Skull Chair

So art can be everywhere. You can go to an art gallery and get culturally enlightened. Or you can go to a museum and be fascinated by the history of art. Find creative, modern, exclusive furniture and let the skull party in your home begin.

Skull Chair

Unfortunately we don`t offer any of these wonderful chairs though we would love to have them available next to our skull jewelry and accessories. If you liked the article or have anything else to add, let us know in the comments below.

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I have been looking at the black leather upholstery chair with the skull on the back. It conservative enough for my daughter but would be a much loved addition to my son’s office space. Now with him working from home, his space should reflect him. Where is it being sold.










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