10 Most Interesting Skull Chairs On The Internet

Written By Lucy Portman - March 08 2017


June 18 2019

Jon, did you get one of your chairs? I believe in You

January 18 2018

I love the gothic black chairs #2
I wish they were available to buy, will you be slling any soon?

December 06 2017

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November 28 2017

I want three of the chairs that are here # 7 /8/10 why are they on here if u can’t buy them I don’t get it please get back to me & let me know who I can buy them from thank you

April 16 2017

Can these be purchased? If so what are the prices?

March 23 2017

I love so much stuff wish you guys had a wish list to save things we want to save to buy.

Vanja from Zapps
March 20 2017

Hello Jon! As You can read in the article these chairs are real piece of art. Some of them are made by famous Harow, one of them was created by Vladi Rapaport and the other ones represents unique designed from different people. The good part is, that some of our examples can be made at home; pallet chairs and benches are made from recycled wooden pallets and are DIY projects. We believe that You can find or make the perfect one for You

March 14 2017

How would one become a proud owner of one of these chairs

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