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Zapps Clothing

Himalayan Crystal Salt Skull Lamp

Himalayan Crystal Salt Skull Lamp

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Unique blend of elegance and tranquility. This skull-shaped lamp emits a soothing warm glow that creates a serene atmosphere in any space. With its striking design and therapeutic benefits, this salt lamp serves as both a stylish decor piece and a natural air purifier, enhancing your well-being while adding a touch of mystique to your surroundings.
  • Power Source: USB Port
  • Product size:19.5*16.2*13.5CM
  • USB cable length: 5Ft / 1.5M


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Leigh Watkins
Exactly what I was expecting

Looks amazing!

Great light

We absolutely love this light. I got it as a gift for my husband. He has it on Every day

Jessica f.

It's morbidly zen and I love it.

Derek M.

My wife loves it its a cool piece the only bad thing I would say about it is the way the plug cord comes straight down the bottom and it's off center when you sit it anywhere that's it was an easy fix put a thick cut of magazine under front problem solved...

Merrianne S.

I bought this for my son’s spouse as a birthday gift. It was a huge hit! They’re into all things skull, so I’m sure they’ll enjoy it.